Automatically turn all Bible references on your website into links to the Bible passage.

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The Highlighter will automatically find Scripture references on your website and allow your visitors to read and explore those passages without leaving your site.

My blog post about Hebrews 11

There are many examples in the Old Testament of the great faith and accomplishments of brave men and women. Did you know that they are still waiting in faith for their reward? They are waiting with all people of faith, knowing God's plan will be fulfilled. Hebrews 11.

Over 500 versions and 400 languages.

Bible Search has one of the largest digital libraries of Bible versions and languages and they are all at your fingertips.

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When a user clicks a Bible reference, they will be able to read the passage directly on your site.

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The Highlighter doesn’t just show the verse, but the entire chapter and your visitors can browse between chapters and even change books and versions.

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Its as easy as copy and pasting! We provide you with the HTML that you need to place on your website in the location you would like the widget to appear.

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