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Access to hundreds of versions and languages.

Get access to hundreds of Bible versions available across multiple languages. We are constantly adding new versions to BibleSearch and try to offer the most popular versions through our API. View all API versions.

Search the Bible.

Search the Bible for any reference or keyword directly from your site. The API makes it easy for you to integrate search functionality so that your users can find the verse that they are looking for quickly.

Access to entire Bible.

Provide your users with full access to the Bible. Not only do they have the ability to search the Bible, but you can provide direct access to books, chapters, and verses in a way that fits your application.

Multiple versions in a unified format.

Access multiple versions all with single unified format. We've done the hard work of converting varied and proprietary text formats so that you can focus on building your app and not on text conversion.

Create your own app.

We provide the Bible text so that you can dream up the the next app that truly helps individuals engage with the Bible.

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